Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Trip to Temasek

It has been more than a month since our last trip back to Singapore. I was still under the weather during the trip, due to the food poisoning from my prior trip to HK, causing my hubby to wonder whether I'm putting a strike against him (for not talking that much that is..).

My Little Precious seems excited meeting his siblings and niece. He had stolen his grandma, aunts and cousin's heart with his usual charms.

Singapore is much cooler compared to KL. So it's a good break for us (from the heat that is....) Our no-so-little Charmer are now getting more and more handsome and he is aware of that. We tried to have a conversation with him about not having girlfriends at that such young age (note the plural)..but he tried to avoid the subject. My other half cunningly told the Charmer that I would like to have a word with him about his girlfriends. The Charmer gave me the 'do-not-embarrass-me-in-public' look as we have they were a couple who sat next to our table were eaves dropping our conversation. As a good mom.. I spared him...chewah!

It rained cats and dogs on our trip back to KL, so the trip back is much longer than we anticipated. Nevertheless we arrived safely by 8 pm and by 9pm, I'm off to bed with my little precious whilst my hubby quickly freshen himself up to be back infront of the TV to root for Red Devil. I knew Red Devil must have won, coz he was in such a good mood...

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