Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Prosperous Year Indeed

Wow, more than half a year I have not been writing on this blog. This year, Zakaria's family has not been meeting each other as often as we wanted to. My Labi, since she joined main campus has been busy almost every weekend. No more spending time with me, her Labu, to venture on our little crimes..ha ha.

However, this year, there are few additions to Zakaria's clan. First came Rauhah Humairah in the month of May, then it'll be my firstborn, due in October, next Man's will be due in December..and in January, Lina will give birth to her 3rd child. Can you imagine how's our 2010 family potrait will look like???

Idi is in Form 4, so grown up and he is so active in fact he is competing in National Competition..not as a singer..but main gendang..hahah. OK la tu kan Idi?

Kak Chik is in campus, Amir had Rauhah this year, Man is still in Jakarta and Lina is every busy with her campus activities and her super intelligent kids.

I'm going back to Kulim next week to meet Lina and Man. May be can put up some pictures then..