Thursday, June 10, 2010

My prince is turning 8 months old

Turned 1st June, my little prince turned 8 months old. Just overnight, he seems grew up so much. First, he can crawl, perfectly..and very fast. My heart beat stopped multiple times due to his fast actions. Secondly, he just learnt how to stand. In fact, he is trying to ask me to let go of his hand so that he can stand by himself. Thirdly, he is more chatty. Much much more than before. That includes..abang..sound like abam.. ayah...sounds like ayyaaa... But he called mommy as mmmmmmmmmm.... difficult to call mommy? Anyways, he is cheekier and cheekier and he can do backstroke in the swimming pool

My prince is such a gem. Check out his pic with his niece. Aren't they adorable? Counting my blessing every day...