Sunday, January 31, 2010

What A Journey 2009 Was

Goodness, I've been ignoring this blog for a while now. I used this blog to get connected with my siblings and with every siblings on Facebook, we kinda exchanged comments like "anyone going back to see abah and mak this weekend?", "what's the plan on CNY?" on FB status. What a genius that young chap who created FB :-)

Anyways, what happened to me? A lot of things had happened since the last posting in August 2009. I gave birth to my son on Oct 1. Was on 2 months maternity break. Got myself a maid..(oh no...yep..I'm one of the working mom who will be complaining about their maids over lunch time..he he ). Came back to work mid December. Celebrated my new year at work as usual. The only difference, I have my hubby waiting for me at my office lobby around 1 am. The next day, we went back to Singapore for my hubby's cousin's wedding.

Oooh.. I got myself another niece in December - Shakiratul Nabilah. She looked exactly like my son..amazing. And you know what it means..? My son is still the only grandson for Zakaria's family :-) ...but not for long now. As I write this post, my sister is now in labour room, delivering her 3rd child, the 2nd grandson. At least my son now has male cousin..hahaha.

To sum up 2009 for me, being pregnant for 9 months and 2 months on maternity leave. That explains why I don't write as often as I wanted to eh? I hope I can spend more time on my blog this it my new year resolution..hehehe. Hope that I'm not pregnant this year..otherwise this blog will be abandoned ...again. Cheers..