Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Sign Of A Good Man

Had a conversation with someone yesterday on a very known politician in Malaysia. He made a comment that he pitied this politician because he feels the politician is a nice guy but weak. My response was, I do not think he is a nice guy. My conversation partner then pointed out that whatever error that the politician committed due to the influence by someone else. Being a weak person, he fell for it.

I begged to differ. In my view, it boils down to the man's conscience. If the conscience is clear, the intent is honest, it'll be translated into good behaviour and hence an honourable act. When you have clear concience, you will know what is wrong and what is right. You will always do the right thing, even how difficult or painful it may be.

In this case, if the politician has clear conscience, he would not have fell into the trap of being influenced by someone else, including his close family members. But since he did, it shows that he does not have a good conscience, and thus, not a good man. Simple.

I think people must take ownership on the consequences of their act and not blame onto others for the damages and pain they have caused. Being weak may not be a sign of a bad individual, but letting others to take advantage of your weaknesses and refused to take responsibility of the consequences is definitely can't be categorized as a good man. When I grew up, you know what we called for people who did a boo-boo, did not want to own it and worse, blame others? Penipu..which is cheater! In grown-up words .. I think we can call them hypocrites or a*sh***s. No offence - just my view.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Wonderful Week

This has been a wonderful week indeed. Work has been hectic but all to-dos were accomplished. What made this week so special was due to an unplanned visit from loved one. Itu namanya rezeki. This visit made the supposed to be 9 weeks separation very much bearable. I supposed this will be a good surprise for the loved ones in Temasik also :-)

This weekend is a pampering-myself weekend. Started with pedi, mandi lulur (Kak Nur, you're really awesome) and ended with a session with my hairdresser. In between did catch up with the original 8 dara pingitan gang..he he he. Dah 6 tahun ko menghilang anak rusa Nani.. Dari anak sorang sampai anak 3. Jgn dok tenggelam lagi la.. Kalau tak aku kensel order serai dari ladang ko!

Writing this blog while having my breakfast infront of TV. Kejap lagi nak gi market to shop for stuff untuk dinner tonight. Ada orang teringin nak makan masak lemak cili padi..kesian..

Well, the weeks ahead will be very busy. Tapi tak nak pikir2 sebab otak dah berserabut ya amat sampai dah nak naik semput. Anywhoo.. tomorrow, bowling sessions with all the staffs. Jangan asyik melongkang sudah..malu mak! Till then....CIIIAAAAOOO

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Are We There Yet? Almost...

It was a busy weekend. Drove back to hometown with my Labi, A'an n Rizqi. Left KL around 2 am Saturday. Has to stop twice - tak tahan mata daaa. Reached Kulim around 8 am. Mama n abah already went to market.

Good thing was all missions to be completed prior to Saturday were all done. Phew. Hardwork.. but all done! So so so so happy. Saturday was shopping day with mama. She waited me to come home to get ideas for the curtain. Bought stuff for her project. Walked so much that day. I'm flat tired by the time Isyak.

Sunday - fixed the curtain and finished the hantaran. Alhamdulillah. Cekap betul makcik. Cantik? Mestilah.. tengok kaki lah. Cik abang kata mak punya lift pegi tingkat amatlah tinggi - kalah Petronas Tower. He he he..jgn mareee..

Supposed to leave Kulim after zohor but as I'd like to have as much things closed as possible, I ended up left almost 6pm. Since I was driving alone, tried my best to reach Shah Alam before midnight. Smooth ride all the way. Sempat singgah rumah lama to pick up glue gun and was greeted by Joey at home at 9.40 pm. Alhamdulillah? Camno boleh cepat sangat. Biasolah... Eden ni kan ala2 KL drift sikit. Lepas gian lah.. Nanti dah hidup berdua dah tak blh ganas2 .. DI JALAN RAYA.. sebab cik abang ada darah gemuruh..Kuang kuang kuang!!!!

So projek kat Kulim dah selesai. Now focus projek KL la pulak. Dalam dok sibuk2 ni..just received a call from headhunter. Hmmmmmmm... Makcik nak test market tengok. Agak2 berapa agaknya harga makcik kat luar sana.... Tungggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu